Breed: Maine Coon
Color: Silver Torbie and White
Sex: Female
Born: November 7, 2013
TICA Reg. # SBT 110713 007
CFA Reg. # 9785-1797224
Bred by: Caron Gray
Owned by: Caron Gray



3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

DGC Tropikoon Barracuda of Cronus
Silver Classic/Wh
SBT 082603 012

GC Mainesuspect Profiler of Tropikoon
Cameo With White

GC Sarajen Bookers Kentucky Straight

GC Avicats Figaro of Ailurophile
Brown Tabby & Wht

GC Ailurophile Zulu of Avicats

CH Avicats Chloe Dancer Doing Time

CH Sarajen Mimosa
Brown Tabby

CH Sarajen Alabama Slammer

Sarajen Asti Spumanti

CH Meowy-Kazowy Emma Peel of Ociopia
Silver Patch Tabby

Honeycoon Desperado of Meowy-Kazowy
Red Tabby-White

CH Maximus Saturn of Honeycoon

CH Honeycoon Smokey Goddess

Meowy-Kazowy China Blue
Blue-Sil Tab & Wht

CH Meowy-Kazowy Red Hot Chili Pepper

Colorfield Sweetie Byrd

CH Trills Sub Commander T-Pol
Brown Ptch/Wh

CH Chaudvent P B Floyd
Brown Mctab & Wht

CH Islandcat Brock of Mainiac

Islandcat Buck

Islandcat Apache

Chaudvent Two Socks of Napavalley
Brown Mctab & Wht

CH Mainiac And-Drew of Honeycoon

CH Chaudvent Calveras County

GC Trills Jazia Dax

Tipsntufts Grady of Trills
Red Tabby-White

CH Mysticoon Wolfwalker of Tipsntufts

CH Kittikop Masquerade of Tipsntufts

CH Coonoquan Brianna of Trills
Brown Classic Tby

CH Cooneyisle Milk Money of Coonoquan

CH Sarajen Oban Single Malt

Mainelyclassic Norma Jean of Rumford
Red Silver Cl Tby

IW-SGC Williamina Cougar

Dotcom Maserati

Lachtetals S-Maiky

Lachtetals J-Summernights

King of Lion D-Amoura

Dotcom Emina Minx

Brocstar Idle Gossip

Dotcom Clarabelle

Broadsway Violet of Williamina

IW-SGC Broadsway Redding, Os
Solid Red

Kellycats Cassidy of Broadsway

Cloistercoon Lullaby of Broadsway

Broadsway Libby Hill
Blue Classic Torb

SGC,RW Broadsway Billings

SGC,RW Cloistercoon Charlotte of Broadsway

Williamina Shady of Mainelyclassic

Coonyham Rowdy Yates of Williamina

Coondalay Macallan of Pinecoon

Holdermaine Mac Tabulous of Coonpanion

Pinecoon She's Somethin'

Coonyham Calistoga

Coonyham Rough Rider

Pinecoon Caliente of Coonyham

Williamina Miranda

Williamina Fair Wind

Sarajen Texas Ranger of Williamina

Lunarcoons Selene of Williamina

Williamina Chocolate Ripple of Broadsway
Brown Classic Torbie

Versus Cloud Walker of Williamina

Chatile Kinako of Williamina