So just what is this Quality Thing?

We have a select and careful breeding program and we try to bring together our ideals in type, size, coat, temperament and health, but just like most breeders, we do produce pet quality kittens. The flaws these kittens may have may be so minor that only we can see or notice them; such as a slight bump on the profile, a slightly recessed chin, ears that are not large enough for our taste or any kind of flaw that would keep us from wanting to have the kitten shown as a representative of our cattery and reputation. Because we are quite particular, often we might have a litter of kittens and not decide on their quality until 10-14 weeks, sometimes longer. We know the wait can be hard on our buyers, but we sometimes must keep kittens longer to ensure that a breeder wanting a show quality kitten is getting a kitten we can stand behind and be proud of in the show hall.

Our pet/companion quality kittens are not released to their new homes until they are 12 weeks of age or older. All companion quality kittens are sold as indoor-only kittens with a mandatory spay-neuter agreement. De-clawing is forbidden. We do not sell breeder quality cats and we do not release breeding rights lightly. Our pet and show kittens are expensive and we screen prospective buyers extensively. These kittens are our babies; we have devoted a great deal of time, effort, expense and emotional involvement in creating and raising them and we strive to find equally caring homes for them where they will provide a lifetime of joy, amusement and loving companionship.

For show quality kittens, we require references from prospective buyers and, in the case of breeders, pedigrees/photos of the cats with which they are already working. We have a flexible waiting list for show quality kittens and alters. We also refer to other breeders who might be able to help interested breeders.

Special thanks to Coonyham Maine Coons for use of this material.