What some of our other kitten buyers have said about us.

Caron was very helpful and welcoming in letting our family come and visit with the litter in order to make our selection.  She was very open with us about how the selection process worked and kept us up-to-date on the health of the kittens and mom.  We felt the process went very smoothly and would be
happy to work with Caron again in the future.

Lexi has been a great addition to our family and has a wonderful personality.  We've had many family members comment on how Lexi is very friendly and always comes up to people to show affection rather than some cats that will run away and hide. She is very playful and likes to cuddle with the family too.

Lexi belongs to Lisa & Bill


I'd love to tell you about Juno, he is big, nineteen and a half pounds- the vet says he is a 'purrfect' weight because of his size.  He is sassy but lovable, everyone wants to cuddle him, but he doesn't like to cuddle. He follows me from room to room and is always near by. He waits at the the door to greet me when I come home. He loves to play and climb his cat tree. He will run for his food practically knocking me down to get it. One of his favorite things to do is look out the windows. All in all he is pretty wonderful.
All the Best,
Juno belongs to Karen O'Leary


When I was looking for a Maine Coon I was extremely lucky to find Caron.  Her healthy  and gorgeous Maine Coons took my breath away.  She is so knowledgable about not only the breed but also her individual kittens.  She paired me up with a sweet Maine Coon kitten that could play with my two young children, purr in our laps and quickly became a loving fun part of our family. Our sweet Madeline follows us around the house like a dog, greets us by the door and is friendly to strangers.  She is not shy and lets us know it.  Thank you Caron for filling our hearts having her!

Madeline belongs to the Noble Family 

Niki and Yoda are the cuddliest cats in the world, and we love them dearly.  Caron and Steve got our two litter mates off to a great start by gently handling them as baby cats, always challenging them with new toys and interactive play, and wisely allowing them to learn how to set their own behavioral boundaries as kittens.  Now at the age of two, they are gentle, playful, very resourceful at mischief-making, and continue to be best friends.  They are wonderfully affectionate with us and everyone they meet. Niki's purr and Yoda's "happy paws" always melt our hearts.  Caron, we appreciate your love and care of them as kittens, and your thoughtful advice to us as they grew up. You're the best!

Niki and Yoda belong to Jeff & Tricia Mesarich


Winchester is the coolest cat I have ever owned. Very smart. She gets dog treats out of the pantry for the dog weekly. No one taught her. We have a 160 lb Great Dane and they are best friends. My two sons are carrying her around all time and she doesn’t care at all. She loves to hang with our family.  I would highly recommend Caron’s cats to anyone.

Winchester belongs to Becky Roehl


My first interaction with Caron Gray was in March 2014. I had found Rumford Maine Coon’s website and inquired about reserving a kitten from their upcoming litter. Caron was extremely detailed in her responses, and had a love for the animals that I was not getting from the other breeders I was talking to. I was even invited into her immaculate home to meet the kitten prior to bringing him to his new forever home.

I finally picked him up when he was 12 weeks old. He was already eating quite well, using the scratching post, as well as the litter box. Caron kept detailed records on the past vaccinations and made it easy for my vet to know what the next series of vaccinations were due at 16 weeks.

Our new kitten, Rumpus, is absolutely incredible. He’s the sweetest, most attentive cat – and what a great personality. He just wants to play play play or cuddle cuddle cuddle. He reminds me of a puppy. He follows me from room to room, and is just as gentle as you can imagine. Rumpus is growing one to two pounds a month. He just had his first birthday – he weighted in at 17 pounds.

I will most definitely look to Caron when I’m ready for my next kitten, and would surely recommend Rumford Maine Coons to anyone who wants the quality and experience you’d expect when brining a new loved one into your family. Thank you, Caron, for making our house a home!


Rumpus belongs to Kim Zalewski - Schaumburg,  IL


J. Paddington Bear and his half brother, Amun Ra came to live with us on Dec. 20th, 2002, joining also with a17 year old Alpha female shorthair. Such wonderful, delightful and beautiful boys! Sadly Ra passed away in 2011 and Bear as he is affectionately known has just started his 13th year! He is leash trained and weather permitting, we will go for almost daily walks. One could not find a more genteel, affectionate, lovable and BIG (25lbs!) companion. He now has 2 sisters from a no kill shelter, Lexie and Nickki who are part Maine Coon.

Bear belongs to Joyce & Kay

Just wanted to let you know that Sebastian is growing like a weed.  He is such a dear.... Always ready to play, eat, or sleep.  He is so friendly and loves to cuddle.  I love to toss a toy in the air and watch him catch it using his paws like hands.  My only regret with him is that I am not a show person.  He has the most luxurious tail I have ever seen when he walks it is like a flag blowing lazily in the breeze.  He would be top cat  in a cat show hands down, for sure. He is so beautiful, and can never get enough of me telling him how beautiful he is.  He is a joy...
Sebastian belongs to Kay Carroll