Breed: Maine Coon
Color: Brown Classic Torbie 
Sex: Female
Born: September 29, 2013
TICA Reg. # SBT 092913 024
Bred by: Jan Dell
Owned by: Caron Gray



3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

OS, IW-SGC Coonbitzky Frost Fire of Woodpile

LA IW-SGC Coonbitzky Dillon The Bandit
Silver Classic Ta

SGC,RW Calicoon Eddie George of Coonbitzky
SBT 050802 010

OS RW SGC Calicoon Sherman

SGC Mt. Kittery Katahdin of Donnahugh

Calicoon Ramath's Samantha

QGC,OD Koontucky Kaitlin of Calicoon
Blue Mackerel

Koontucky Kodiak

Koontucky Marelicious

CH Coonbitzky Faith
Silver Classic Tby

CH Coonbitzky Indigo of Bandicoon
Solid Blue

Kavecats Bam Bam of Coonbitzky

Coonbitzky Sweet Pea

CH Furthatpurs Spice Girl

Kumskaka Indian Outlaw of Doberg

Doberg Ali Mackbeal of Furthatpurs

CH Coonbitzky Fire Dancer

CH Coberman Creed

GC Thunderstar Sterling

GC Thunderstar Endeavour

CH Cooneyisle Silver Dollar

CH Coberman Ogunquik

CH Coberman Hickory

CH Amtails Alexandria of Coberman

CH Coontopia Autumnblaze of Coonbitzky

CH Coontopia Red Rascal

Coontopia Smoky Rascal

Charmalot Lady Firefly of Coontopia

Kennebec Curlicue of Coontopia

Blueblaze Silverado of Kennebec

Pitsburgcoon Pocahontas

SGC Silverscoon Gaia of Woodpile

RW SGC Williamina Tycoon of Silverscoon

RW QGC Williamina Kagetora

SGC Sarajen Texas Ranger of Williamina

IW-SGC Sarajen Scoresby

Mainesuspect India Pale of Sarajen

Williamina Liberty Bells

SGC Onocoon Anthony

Lunarcoons Selene of Williamina

Versus Blue Majic of Williamina

Pure Coon Ravel of Versus

Pure Coon Let's Tango

Gakincho Sweet Honey of Pure Coon

Versus Sparky Blue

SGC Onocoon Anthony

Pure Coon Yasmine of Versus

RW TGC Silverscoons Ewe

RW SGC MTNest Silver Bullet of AmayaLynx

IW CH Mainette Philsopher's Stone

Oldestage Doc Holiday of Mainette

Mainette Full Force Gale

QGC,RW Mtnest Eliza
Brown Torbie Tby

IW-SGC Broadsway Redding, Os

Mainette Ps I Love You of Mtnest

RW SGC La Lola Silvi_Cola of Silverscoon

IC Escape Never Ending

Koontucky King Arthur of Escape

Escape Izabella Coonzales

CH Queen Amidala of Chamberlain

Wildwillows Sisco Two Stars of Chamberlain

Cheyennne Naomi of Chamerlain